Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Numbers for passage 

Lets take a look at what folks have to do to pass this amendment through Congress.

Let us start with the HRC's congressional ratings: (note these are from the 107th Congress so not exact, but they should give us a good idea about the House.)

During the 107th congress 155 members received a 100% rating on HRC's issues. (151 Democrats, 3 Rs and 1 Ind) In addition another 54 members voted with HRC more that 50% of the time (34 Ds and 20 Rs)

Or 36% of the House had perfect pro-gay voting records with another 13% with pro-gay voting records. That equals 209 members who are pre-disposed to voting pro-gay.

While these numbers are not necessarily transferable to the Con. Amend. They do give us an idea of a starting place. Somewhere between 19 and 53 members of Congress would have to vote against their previous history. That is called starting in a hole.


How I am voting for President 

Since Andrew has suffered a meltdown, and the blogsphere is running amok and the Democrat race is all but over, I guess it is time for me to lay out the reasons I am using to judge the 2 applicants for the job of President.

1. The Economy: By this I include the deficit, taxes and proposed spending and jobs. I fancy myself an economic conservative to begin with.

On this Issue Bush has been horrible. There is no other way to view it. They spend money like they just won the lottery. There is no thought for future policies. There is no fiscal discipline. Granted, I lay a huge amount of blame on Congress. They have been getting away with acting like the budget is one of their old Congressional Checking accounts. (Write as many checks as you want and don’t worry about making deposits.) But in the end the buck, or lack thereof, has to stop with Bush.

Then we have Kerry. I want someone to convince me that there is any fiscal discipline in Kerry’s campaign promises. Raising taxes and creating more spending does nothing to help with the long term financial problems that face this country. Or am I missing something? Somebody let me know. Does anyone have a plan to reduce spending and let the government grow out of deficits? How about fix Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid?
Nobody wants to look at the fastest growing government expenditures. Hey, I know, lets bury our heads in the sand and hope it goes away.

Advantage Bush At least Bush won’t cost me more money for another 15 years whereas Kerry costs me more money now and more money later.

War, Terrorism and Homeland Security – I once has a discussion with the mayor of a small Florida beach community about Homeland Security. He wanted more money because he had to have one of his 8 cops sit for hours guarding the sewer plant, and it was taking that officer away from patrolling the streets. I did not know that terrorist were targeting every sewer system in America. I guess I misunderstood the threat of “we are going to blow shit up.” I thought that meant people and important things. Hey maybe we need to guard our garbage dumps! Just a thought.

Anyway, we are safer today than we were at the end of 2000 or the middle of 2001. America must shoulder the responsibility to confront the reality of international terrorism. From the 1972 Olympics to September 2001, the world did nothing. That time is now over. Hey, face it 30 years is a nice run for a political and religious movement committed to killing innocent men, women and children. To some countries the number of dead has not yet reached the level that requires action. To some people the number of dead has not yet reached the level that requires action.

To Bush it has. To Kerry it has not

Advantage Bush

Gay Marriage and the Constitutional Amendment-

I really wanted to see what was going to happen in Massachusetts over the next year. But the Mayor of San Francisco screwed that up. Note to the Gay Movement, you were winning. Heck you had almost won. Massachusetts would have come down on your side and the rest of America would have “yea Okay”. In a few years you would have had Civil Unions across the land that people would have called marriages and respected as marriages. I am not saying your battles were over, but Massachusetts was your Gettysburg and you are the North.

But that was not enough for some, now the rest of America is going to have to deal with an issue they are not ready for. I don’t know if this Constitutional amendment is going to pass, I hope it does not. But the damage is already done. Most of America doesn’t care about this issue. Most of America was willing to let it work out and accept the outcome. But now, thanks to the far left and far right, most of America is going to have to make a decision and take a stand. And most of America is going to come down on the side against gay marriage. This is going to hurt, and I am sorry. This debate is going to cause major damage to whole communities.

Both candidates are for the amendment and for civil unions.
Advantage nobody.

Everything else is cannon fodder.

Advantage Bush


Monday, February 16, 2004

Anti-Empire Blog 

BTW, I am going to try to make this an empire free zone. I will try to refrain from talking about the NY baseball teams at all. Because, and trust me when I tell you this people, nothing good can come from it.


Politics and Baseball in March 

Since baseball and politics are about the two most important things in my world, I thought I would draw some parallels

Most obvious is that being behind the in the polls right now is like losing 5 straight spring training games. You may not be happy but it is utterly meaningless. Just like in baseball your position in the standings does not really matter until after the break, either the all-star or the conventions.

But let?s handicap both races anyway.

Kerry = Chicago Cubs
Right now both look great. Both feature great pitching and can hit the long ball (strong campaign message and Vietnam buddies.) However, both are one bad injury away from saying wait till next year. If Pryor, Wood, or Sosa are lost so are the Cubs. And if this African intern pans out so is Kerry.

Edwards = Oakland or Seattle or San Francisco
Everyone likes them and they play really well, and everyone expects them to go far. But when it comes down to crunch time the fall short. Or need a lot of help (inter stories or opposing team bus accident)

Bush = Evil Empire
That brings us to the President and the evil empire. Both have all the money in the world. Both have some question marks surrounding parts of their games. Both can score at will and have the best team in the country. And both can make half the country foaming at the mouth mad. But can either put it together the right way to beat his challenger? Will either fall apart in a clash of titanic egos?

In any case, we will not know until after Independence Day.


The joys of Spring 

Hope Springs Eternal.
Birth of a new year.
Soon all will be right with the world.

Pitchers and Catchers report this week. Praise Allah!

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