Tuesday, May 11, 2004

A little rant on the WOT 

I left this comment over at A Small Victory.

Another person left this comment:

Let's elect a president that promises to be a uniter and not a divider...oh sh*t we did that already.

Seriously though, it seems to me from my small corner of the world that the only success we've had with bring about democracy is to introduce some prosperity. When I was a kid I was horrified that we did nothing while China ran over democratic demonstrators with tanks. We look at all the excuses for attacking Iraq and they match up against China. We know they have WMDs, they can put them in f*ing orbit, they have a horrible human rights record, but we have increased our import of Chinese goods (I think Walmart imports about 10% of Chinese products in the US). It's obvious why neither Republicans or Democrats wanted to do anything with China...they don't have oil, they have cheap labor.
But low and behold...things are slowly getting better over there. Same with Vietnam. As a country prospers and its people become educated and hooked into the work, democracy gets a foothold.
The war in Iraq is tearing things apart and introducing more chaos. Getting rid of Saddam will help, but what next. Yeah we're trying to rebuild, but every time there's a fire fight it makes things worse for both sides. What's next? The only similar situation I have to draw a conclusion from is Vietnam, and it's not pretty.

I responded with this.

John, we fought two (2) proxy wars with China, Korea and Vietnam. All that was in the space of 20 years. And of course any direct war with China then would have resulted in an all out war with the Soviet Union. Because the USSR had the bomb since the 50s that would have meant nuclear war. Yes, we could have avoided that by invading China and the USSR in 1945-1949 period, but we were a little tired from something. In the early 80s Reagan began to wage an economic war with the USSR. This was a smashing success. Since then we have waged a similar war with China with the effects you have mentioned. We could do this because of one factor. M.A.D. (If you don't know what that stands for, it is not a magazine, go look it up) We could count on China not attacking the US mainland.

911 took away the option of changing the Middle East slowly by using our economic powers. Do you think we could wait another 20 or 30 years before changes took hold? I can't imagine the horrors or the cost of that approach. And I mean cost in terms of human lives.

We are at war with an ideology. It took us 3 generations to defeat communism. It took us 2 generations and 2 World Wars to defeat fascism. We have been fighting Radical Islam (RI) for a generation already, only we were never active about it.

The war in Afghanistan purchased us some time. We had to take the war to RI's home turf, the Middle East. Iraq is not and was not the heart of RI. But Iraq was and is our door to the Middle East. Through this war in Iraq we can move this battle to RI's home turf.

Some people in this country don’t think we need a war against RI. Of course many did not think we needed to fight in WWI or WWII. And many more thought we were on the wrong side of the war against communism. We were divided then. We had great divides even into the late 80s over communism. In fact, until the total collapse of a governmental system, many people thought we were about to lose. Then they gave credit to the “choice” to reform the Soviet system.

Michele wants to know how to come together. Simple, we win or we lose and then we move on. If we win, we do what America has done for 150 years. We salute our enemies and help them rebuild. We forgive and get to work. We did it after our Civil War. We did it after WWII. We did it for the parts of Korea we help free. We have done that for the old USSR.

We will come together in victory and the world will be better for it.

We will come together in defeat and I shudder to think what the lasting effect will be.

(Michele, sorry for the length of this. That video got my dander up.)


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