Friday, August 13, 2004

Cat what? 

The news just broke that Charlie is now a cat 4 with 145 and headed for Ft. Myers.

Pray for Lee county.


1PM Charlie update 

Well, see what happens if you get all excited to early. It now looks like Lee County is going to take the brunt of the storm. And I had some home improvement projects that I wanted the insurance company to pay for.

I would check in with Donna over at Florida Cracker and wish her luck. BTW Charlie has been upgraded to Cat 3 with 125 mph winds. With 3 hours to go before possible landfall in Lee county this could get ugly down south.

But Gov Bush and Pres Bush have taken all the appropriate actions. Whatever that means.


11:30 Update on Charlie 

Things are starting to get fun.

It has just started to rain, very light rain, but rain none the less. A little breeze but we are still 3 hours from the time it is going to get interesting and 6 hours or more away from a landfall. But on the good news the homemade salsa and dip was just finished and the fresh bread will be done in 20 minutes. And most importantly the supply of fresh drinkable beer is very cold and holding steady.

Time for lunch.


Well hot diggity dog 

The all important 11 am report just came out and it now seems that landfall will occur in Manatee County.

Just my lucky day. Guess I can start drinking now. :)


Oh where am I 

Well Manatee County is located on the southern side of Tampa Bay. Bradenton, where I live is just south of the Manatee river and at the mouth of the bay. From the islands you can look east to the Sunshine Skyway bridge, up into Tampa Bay, or West to nothing but the Gulf of Mexico.

Also if you want a report from further south you can go see Donna at Florida Cracker.net, she is about 60 miles south of Bradenton and should have some fun weather starting right about now. Go wish her luck


Hurricane Charlie 

What is life like in a hurricane? Well it is about 11 am. No breeze to speak of here in Manatee County. The police have shut down the bridges to the outlying islands, by 2 pm they expect all support and rescue services to be unable to reach anyone who refused to leave their home. (There has always been an interesting private property rights angle to hurricanes, but I will leave that for the lawyers to talk about.)

As for my extended family, we have boarded up 2 1/2 houses and are gathered at the third. Seven people, all told, and 5 dogs in my little brothers 2 bedroom house. The current activities include, days of our lives, the morning crossword, reading a book on the patio, two running the last of our emergency errands and me on the computer. Oh we have a roast in, some fresh made bread and enough beer and wine to keep the US Senate happy. We are taking no chances with the essentials, I belief we current have 4 cases of beer and are wondering if it will be enough.


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