Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Tampa Bay Devil Rays 

Okay now I have been sucked in. I like watching the Devil Rays. I don't know why.
Sure watching Carl Crawford is wonderful fun. But I must confess something.

I was listening to sports talk radio and some bonehead caller stated that "we have to come out and support this team." No we don't! Look if they want my support they can put some players I want to watch on the field.
Rocco (injured I know)
Huff (so far so good)
Gathright (can't be worse that Hollins and Singleton)
Upton (he could be fun)

That would give us the fastest lineup in baseball since the mid 80's St. Louis Cards. I would love to see that team.

But they won't because the team would have to pay Gathright and Upton and Delmon Young sooner. And they don't want to part with the money. And if they don't want to spend the money on the team why should I?

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